Luxury Dog Grooming & Boutique

Exceptional dog grooming with the goal of keeping your dog safe & happy.

We don’t cage!

Luxury Dog Grooming & Boutique

Exceptional dog grooming with the goal of keeping your dog safe & happy.

We don’t cage!

Luxury Dog Grooming & Boutique

Exceptional dog grooming with the goal of keeping your dog safe & happy.

We don’t cage!

We are currently not taking any new grooming clients as our wait time is at 7 weeks.

Nail trims can be fit in daily if you call for the next available time (next day booking is appreciated as answering messages is sometimes hard during the day!).

About Clippendales

Clippendales Luxury Dog Grooming and Boutique located in West Kelowna BC, offers exceptional dog grooming services with the goal of keeping your dog safe and happy.

We operate differently than conventional groomers as we do not cage the dogs, nor use tranquilizers or cage dryers. When not being pampered by a groomer or socializing with each other, clients can be found in their own doggie room, with enough space to move around or curl up on their bed.

Our small team of dedicated staff will focus on pampering your pet while providing exceptional grooming services.

Dog Grooming Services

( sorry no cat grooming )

Bath & Tidy – starts at $25 and up, based on breed & length of hair.

Bathed | Dried |Brushed out if needed |Nails cut | Ears plucked & cleaned| Anal glands cleared |Groin shaved | Pads shaved | Eyes cleaned up

Full Groom – starts at $45 & up, based on breed & length of hair.

All services of the Bath and Tidy, plus:
Haircut all over in whatever length decided.

De-shed – starts at $55 & up, based on breed & length of hair.

All services of a Bath & Tidy, plus:
Extra brushing or blowing out

Nail Trim – $5

Touch Ups – $5 per item

Proud supporter of “Paws for a Cause” to fight animal cruelty.

Thank you for your extra special treatment of Pudge and of course Yetti, they always leave smelling better then when they came in lol. The prices are fair, and they don’t over book, and all always loving and efficient with the animals. The people who work there love animals and it shows

Robyn Riediger Smith


Thank you for taking good care of Sophie today. She’s as cute as a button! Her cut was exactly what I was wanting and the service was great


Clippendales always makes our little girl Kashmir look so beautiful, and great service and nice friendly people that work there!

Anita Bakalos

My Boo is boo-tiful! Thanks so much! And affordable too!

Margi Kennedy

Great service and great prices. We drive from Kelowna to be a customer here!

Stephanie Wombold-Rottacker


How long does it usually take?

It all depends on what kind of dog you have and what you are having done. Small dogs like Shih Tzus take an average of one to one and a half hours to fully groom. As the dogs get larger and or they have more hair (de-shedding and de-matting), the time increases.  For smaller dogs, such as Yorkies or dogs that are just being bathed, the time decreases. Because we schedule timed appointments, we can give you a more accurate time when you are dropping off your dog.

How much does it cost?

It depends on the breed, condition and individual temperament. Most full grooming appointments are $50.00; however, this can vary considerably.  Yorkies would be less expensive and a large dog such as a Golden Retriever would be more. De-shedding starts at $60.00 for a smaller lab and goes up from there, again depending on the breed and condition of the dog. If your pet needs de-matting there is an additional charge based on the time it takes.

Do you bathe the dog first?

In order to get an even haircut, the hair needs to be clean so we always bathe the dog as part of grooming. Most dogs are washed using a shampoo that suits the coat type (Whitening, Black or General) but we can vary the shampoo depending on your needs. We also have an oatmeal, a hypoallergenic and a conditioning shampoo. All dogs are double bathed and we use a facial cleaner around their eyes.

Can you groom my dog to the breed standard?

Yes, our groomers are familiar with most of the breed standards and are very experienced with the more popular breeds. As the cuts slightly change over the years, different breeders and groomers may vary the cut slightly so a consultation can help you know your options and decide accordingly.  Although we might not get it right the first time, we can work with you to get the cut you are looking for.

Can you do a puppy cut?

Puppy cut is a loosely descriptive term meaning a fluffy all over length. Many people choose a puppy cut because it is cute but on some breeds, it is a higher maintenance cut. As the length, if we cut longer, the sooner you have to come back before it gets too matted. Dogs who are matted can not receive this cut as the blades do not penetrate the coat. Your groomer can work with you to choose a style which works for your dog.

My dog’s hair is knotted. Do I need to cut the hair short?

Depending on the severity of the matting, the answer could be yes or no. Dogs with thin fine hair do not tolerate the pulling of the hair when brushing out, so we usually will cut out knots, if they are isolated and can be hidden with the haircut. If a dog is matted all over, then we assess the dog to see if it is possible to brush them out and what can be done. A lot of owners have the best intentions with their dogs and brush them, but sometimes just the surface has been brushed and the more dangerous and more difficult matts are along the surface of the skin. Our motto is, if a comb can not be run through the dog’s coat without sticking, then there are matts. When speaking to the groomer, they will advise you of the possibilities with what you have. We will never just “shave off “a dog if it is not required.

Can I stay with my dog and watch?

Our grooming areas are visible behind glass. However, if your dog can see or hear you, this usually leads to the dog trying to be with you and can result in a dangerous condition. The groomer is working with sharp tools and looks to avoid additional stress and excitement. Unless is it mandatory that you stay with the dog while grooming due to stress, then we prefer that you not be present.

Can I bring a picture?

Sure. The groomer will discuss your options and try to achieve the same result.

Do you cut the nails?

Yes, we are able to cut the nails on most dogs. With nail cutting, there is always some risk of bleeding. Inside the nail is a blood vessel which grows with the nail. If the nail is allowed to grow long, then this blood vessel grows with it which makes short cutting impossible. If the nail bleeds, we apply styptic powder to the nail. Regular nail trimming can prevent this.

What are anal glands?

The real answer is “something you don’t want to deal with at home!” They are the scent sacs right under a dog’s tail. Some dogs empty them naturally, some do not. Your groomer can check if they need to be emptied (expressed). Please let us know if your veterinarian does this or if you do not want us to express the glands.

How is my dog dried?

Usually with a combination of three different methods. While in the tub we towel dry the dog. Once safely secured on the table we use a high velocity dryer that blows off the majority of water. For the safety of your dog, we do NOT use cage dryers the groomer will finish up with a stand dryer while your dog is on the grooming table. Along with this step the dog is brushed straight and fluffed up ready for the grooming. During all of these drying phases your dog is being supervised. All of these drying methods are considered safe and have been in use for many years by grooming salons, veterinarians and kennels.

What if I don’t like the groom when it’s finished?

Please tell us! We aim to please. On the occasion where a haircut is not to your liking, and it is a matter of a little more trimming here or there, the groomer can usually do it right away. If you do not tell us, we do not know and cannot try to fix it



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